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Resources for Studying Japanese

Tutoring, events, conversation

Every Tuesday and Thursday, from 6:30-9:00pm, you can get extra tutoring in Japanese in 7 Sparks Building (map).

The Conversation Partners Program offered by the International Hospitality Council pairs up speakers of English and Japanese for conversation, learning, and friendship. Call to make an appointment at 863-3927, or stop by the IHC office in 222 Boucke.

The Penn State Japanese Friendship Association sponsors a number of cultural events, sports teams, and other activities throughout the year.

Japanese Speech Contest

The Japanese Program's Speech Contest is held every spring semester. It is a contest where Japanese students present their own creative writing in a five to ten minute speech in Japanese. The contestants are scored on clarity, accuracy, grammar, among other criteria. The winner is awarded a small scholarship. For a gallery of photos from previous events, please see the Spech Contest pages.


Resources and Links

Penn State Clubs

Asian Pacific American Coalition
Japanese American Association
Japanese Friendship Association
Penn State Anime Organization
Japanese Culture Society

Going Abroad

Find a Teacher Website
International Programs at Penn State
Japanese Embassy
Maps of Japan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Teaching English in Japan

Finding a Job

Japanese Jobs

Dictionaries and specialized languages

Index of Japanese Dictionaries
Japanese <-> English Dictionary Server
JlookUp :: A Japanese <-> English Dictionary Program

The Translator's Home Companion
Translator's Dictionary Index

Japan Indexes and Search Engines

Japan - A Country Study
Japanese Magazines on Yahoo!
Stockton's Japan Links

Japanese Language Resources

·Intermediate/Advanced Readings Online

Classical Japanese Texts

·Japanese Language Mailing Lists, Message Boards, & Chat Rooms

Chat Rooms, Language Q&A Bulletin Board, & Pen Pals
Foreign Correspondent

·Other Language Resources

List of Online Radio Station -- Scroll Down to Japan
Real Guide
Nipponia Magazine
Manga Samples from Mangajin
Japan Times Online (English News)
アサヒ・コム (Asahi Shinbun - Japanese News)

·Other Research Resources

Japan Atlas
Journal of Asian Studies
Association for Asian Studies

Japanese Cultural Resources


Kendo America Homepage
Kendo and Martial Arts Supplies Store
Nihon Professional Baseball
Nihon Sumo Kyokai Official Grand Sumo Home Page
Sumo FAQ


Zen Guide: The online guide to Zen and Buddhism


Tokyo Food Page
Web Resources for Japanese Food
Local Cuisine of Osaka
Article: Japonification of American Fast Food
Tokyo Food Page - Ramen Museum
The Web's First Japanese Pizza Page
Worldwide Sushi Restaurant Reference
Tamanohikari Sake
Sake World Homepage
Cha No Yu (Tea)


Premodern Japanese History
Medieval Japanese History
Modern Japanese History
Professor Smits' Online textbooks

·Performing Arts

Kabuki for Everyone
Kabuki Facts
Noh Kyogen
Noh Dancing
Noh Plays
A Brief History of Bunraku
Takarazuka Revue (English)
宝塚歌劇のホームページへようこそ (Takarazuka Revue - Japanese)


Article: Japanese Ghosts
Lafcadio Hearn's Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things

·Traditional Arts & Crafts

Calligraphy (Shodou's Room)
Ikebana (Flower Arrangement)
Bonsai (The Bonsai Site)
Bonsai (Colin Lewis Bonsai Art)
Origami (Joseph Wu's Origami Page)
Origami (origami.com)

·Manners & Customs

Visiting/Hosting (Chinet.org)
Japanese House (Toilet Map)
Japanese House (Inside the Hom

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