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Darwin Tsen


Darwin Tsen is currently a third-year, dual-degree Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Comparative Literature and Asian Studies of Penn State University. He is particularly interested in how categories of ethnicity, race and indigeneity intersect with institutional, communal and public politics in Asian American and Sinophone literatures. Since coming to Penn State, he has worked as a teaching assistant for the Summer School of Transcultural Theory in Taiwan’s prestigious Academia Sinica; published a translation of Wang Xiaoming’s article “Toward a “Great Unity”: Theories of Subjectivity in China in the Early Decades of the Modern Era” in the journal Social Text; presented a paper titled “The Exilic Creation of Prestige: The Intellectual Positions of Bei Dao and Gao Xingjian” at the annual American Association of Comparative Literature conference in 2012, and gave a talk called "Comparative Socialisms: Anarchism and Modern Chinese Literature" at the China/Comparison workshop on campus.