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Program in Korean

Penn State offers three semesters of instruction in Korean, as well as the possibility of pursuing further interest in Korean language or literature through independent study. KOR 001 and KOR 003 are offered every fall semester, and KOR 002 is offered every spring semester.

Future plans include expanding the Korean program to four semesters, and possibly a minor, depending on student interest.


Study abroad in Korea


Students who wish to study abroad in Korea should look into the recently established programs for summers and academic years abroad at Sogang University. Penn State Education Abroad has information, including sample budgets, forn both the summer program and the academic year one.

Charlotte Eubanks has developed a Powerpoint presentation that outlines options for Penn State undergraduates who want to major or minor in Asian Studies programs and go abroad. Find it here.


KOR 001 Elementary Korean (I): 4 credits

This introductory course is designed for beginning students who either have no background in Korean (Sec. 001), or who have minimal knowledge but no reading and writing ability in the language (sec. 002). We will learn pronunciation, the Korean alphabet, writing, basic sentence structure, basic vocabulary, and we will practice communicative skills in Korean. Instruction will be given in Korean and English.

Textbook and Audio Cassettes:

 Korean. 한국어 1. Language Research Institute, Seoul National University. 2000.

KOR 002 Elementary Korean (II): 4 credits

This is a first year Korean language course designed for students who have learned the fundamentals taught in Korean 001, including reading and writing in the Korean alphabet, simple sentence structures, basic tenses and verb conjugations, and a beginning vocabulary. In Korean 002 we will move on to slightly more sophisticated communication situations and increase the range of verb conjugations and vocabulary used. Emphasis will be placed on speaking practice to reinforce course content and make it accessible in actual communication situations.

Textbook and Audio Cassettes:

 Korean. 한국어 1. Language Research Institute, Seoul National University. 2000.

KOR 003 Intermediate Korean (III): 4 credits

This is a second year Korean language course designed for students who have some fundamental knowledge of Korean (Korean 001 and 002, or the equivalent). We will learn more complex structures of grammar, sentence, and vocabulary, but the main purpose of the course is to enhance students' ability in speaking, reading and writing in situations encountered in daily life.

Textbook and Audio Cassettes:

 Korean. 한국어 3. Language Research Institute, Seoul National University. 2000.

KOR 295 Internship: 3 credits

KOR 296 Independent Studies

Please check with the current instructor for availability.

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Language Resources


Consonants and vowels
Let's Speak Korean (Arirang TV's Video Resource) Learn Korean On-line
English-Korean / Korean-English Online Dictionary
Learn Korean Online
Tour to Korea (Major Tourist Sights, Subway Tour, Theme Tour, Korea in Gallery, etc)
Korean Culture through English-speaking Arirang TV
KOR001: Integrated Korean Beginning 1 Listening Material
KOR002: Integrated Korean Beginning 2 Listening Material


KOR III: Virtual Class at Monash University
English-Korean / Korean-English Online Dictionary
Korean Culture through English-speaking Arirang TV
Korean TV News
Korean TV Weather News

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Cultural Resources

At Penn State

Korean Student Association
Korean Undergraduate Student Association
Korean Student For Christ
State College Korean Church
Korean Catholic Community at Penn State
Tae Kwon Do Club at Penn State
Penn State Korean Karate Club
Jung Sim Do Club at Penn State


Korean Kitchen

Korean Media in the US:

Chosun USA
JoongAng USA
Hankook Ilbo USA
Radio Korea

Korean Culture and History:

East Rock Institute
Instrok Interactive Lessons on Korean Culture and History

Korean for Kids:

LG Korean Tradition for Kids
Yahoo Korea Kid
Yahoo Kid Story Time
GoKid Song for Kids
Joong Ang Kid Art Institute

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Typing in Korean


Korean Keyboard


To learn how to set up your keyboard to type in Korean (and other languages), please go to the Penn State University Teaching and learning with Technology site.


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