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4:30-6:00 ~  Performance

Sankyoku, A Night of Japanese Music at the State Theatre

Performers:   Yoko Hiraoka (samisen, koto) & Ralph Samuelson (shakuhachi flute)

Overview:      The classical music of Edo period Japan was fostered by a long period of relative peace and prosperity which enabled the emergence of a rich musical tradition involving the instruments koto, shamisen and shakuhachi together with the jiuta singing voice. This complex crisscrossing of melodic layers, coupled with the thematic sung poem, yields an extraordinarily beautiful listening experience. Sankyoku is often composed around themes of love, loss, nature and the evanescence of life. Yoko Hiraoka presents this world-class Sankyoku ensemble in collaboration with Ralph Samuelson, one of the finest shakuhachi players in the world, in a concert to engage and delight audiences of all kinds.

The concert comprises musical performances interspersed with illustrated lecture components, talking about the origin of the music and its relationships to Japanese literature and culture.