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Brody Bluemel


I am a student in the Applied Linguistics/ Asian Studies dual title program. My primary research and current academic interests focus on the development of written Chinese (both reading and writing) among foreign language learners. I am creating a parallel corpus that functions both as an instrument for Chinese language learners, and as a tool for researching features of the Chinese language. Parallel corpora are corpora that are built using translated language (both written and spoken) and aligning the words and phrases in the corresponding texts so that it is possible to search them simultaneously. My dissertation research will focus on applying this parallel corpus as a language-learning tool in the high school Chinese classes that I am currently teaching.  This year I have been able to focus all my efforts on my research as I was awarded the Gil Watz Dissertation fellowship from the department of Applied Linguistics, in addition to scholarship awards from the Asian Studies department and the Confucius Institute.