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Faculty at other PSU campuses

Faculty at other PSU campuses with interests in Asian Studies


Bardi, John (Mont Alto) Instructor in Philosophy. Asian Philosophy

Chin, David (Wilkes-Barre) Associate Professor of History. Creative Writing, Chinese Diaspora

Evans, Matt (Altoona) Assistant Professor of Political Science. Contemporary Israeli Politics and Sociology, Middle East

Greene, Paul (Brandywine) Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology and Integrative Arts. Asian Music and Art; Ethnomusicology; Anthropology, Folklore, Performance Traditions of India, Nepal.

Haddad, John (Harrisburg) Associate Professor of American Studies and Literature. Ethnicity and the American Experience: covers Chinese History, Chinese Diaspora, Chinese American History, and Americans in China.

Jenkins, Elizabeth (Mont Alto) Instructor of Music. Asian Music

Kim, Seongung (Brandywine) Associate Professor of Human Development, Family Studies. Race and Ethnicity in Human Development, focusing on Korean immigrant population

Kirker, Constance (Brandywine) Assistant Professor of Integrated Arts. Integrative Arts, Asian Music and Art

Lodwick, Kathleen (Lehigh Valley) Professor of History. Chinese History

Marvasti, Amir (Altoona) Assistant Professor of Sociology. Middle Eastern Immigrants in the US

Marvasti, Karyn McKinney (Altoona) Assistant Professor of Sociology. Middle Eastern immigrants in the US; Race and Ethnicity, Research Methods, Social Problems, Gender

McNicholas, Mark (Altoona) Assistant Professor of History. Late Imperial China, East Asia, Southeast Asia

Miller, William John “Jack(Abington) History Instructor. Asian history

Mosley, Shu Ching Huang (Worthington Scranton) Lecturer. Chinese, Honors Chinese Culture

Nash, Philip (Shenango) Associate Professor of History. Vietnam in War and Peace, Southeast Asia

Noji, Toshie (Altoona) Instructor in English and Japanese. Japanese culture, cross-cultural influences in language teaching and learning

Perrine, Joy (Shenango) Instructor. International Business, covering China, India, and the Pacific Rim

Roh, James (Brandywine) Instructor in Management. Instructor in Management, International Business with Asia and Australia as focus

Salguero, C. Pierce (Albington) Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Asian History. History of Medicine, Buddhism, Chinese Religion, India-China Crosscultural Exchange.

Seymour, Elizabeth (Altoona) Instructor in Anthropology and Communication. Mass media in Egypt, Middle East History and Society, Middle Eastern Diaspora in US

Shi, Yu (Harrisburg) Assistant Professor of Humanities and Speech Communication. East Asian Countries' Media Systems; Chinese diasporic groups' media consumption in the US; Chinese diasporic history and culture in general; Chinese immigrant/general Asian immigrant workers in the US: their living and working conditions; issues of race, gender and class in their lives.

Soulsby, Marlene Pilarcik (Worthington Scranton) Associate Professor Comparative Literature. Comparative literature in Asian-related Topics

Witwer, David (Harrisburg) Associate Professor of History and Humanities. History of Traditional East Asia; History of Modern East Asia

Wolf, Irene (Beaver, Greater Allegheny, and New Kensington Campuses) Instructor.  Asian Philosophy