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Program in Hindi and South Asian Languages and Cultures

Penn State offers three (but sometimes four) semesters of instruction in Hindi. Look under the HINDI courses in the bulletin and you will find:

Pursue Hindi

There are no prerequisites to register for HINDI 001. Students spend the first half of HINDI 001 in learning the Devanagari script. Mastery of the Devanagari script is essential for HINDI 002 and beyond. Because the Devanagari script is also used for Sanskrit, and many of the conventions of writing, grammar, and vocabulary rules associated with this script applies broadly to other south Asian languages, HINDI 001 can be a gateway not only to Hindi, but more broadly to the larger south Asian culture. Students graduating from HINDI 001 are able to read and understand simple sentences in Hindi and can conduct some preliminary conversation in the language.

Once complete, students registering for HINDI 002 and beyond are expected to be able to read the Devanagari script. HINDI 002 teaches preliminary grammar, reading, and comprehension, and HINDI 003 helps students to read longer prose passages, to communicate in simple sentences both verbally, as well as in writing, with the expectation that students graduating from the Hindi language sequence will be able to navigate the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Indian subcontinent and beyond with some confidence. So, we strongly encourage those who are interested in Asian Studies to take a look at the Hindi language sequence.

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