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Minor in Korean

The Korean program provides students with an opportunity to concentrate on acquiring expertise in the modern Korean language and culture. The Korean minor will strengthen a student's overall skills in internationalism and provide a focus on one of the world's most important nations.

The Korean program allows students to acquire a strong working knowledge of the Korean language, culture, and society in order to broaden their horizons and sharpen their awareness of Korea in this era of internationalism and globalization. The program can help prepare students for graduate study in Korea-related fields, for work in contexts where the language and culture are pertinent, or to live and work in Korea; as informed and capable individuals equipped with appropriate intercultural skills and awareness.

Employment may also be available with import and export trade organizations, international banking houses, or U.S. companies abroad. An increasing number of domestic and multinational companies are seeking employees who have backgrounds in multicultural studies as a way of dealing with the global market. In addition, an increasing number of students and graduates are going on teach English in Korea.



Study abroad in Korea

We strongly encourage all Korean minors to study abroad, and the study abroad in Korean has been very active. Penn State's stated goal is to make studying abroad no more expensive for students and their families than a semester studying at the University Park campus. Students who wish to study abroad in Korea should look into the study abroad at Sogang University  and Yonsei University. The study abroad in Yonsei University is arranged through CIEE.  The study abroad programs are offered in spring, summer, and fall semesters at both locations. For information on scholarships and education abroad programs, please visit the Global Penn State Website.


 Our Director of Undergraduate Studies has developed a presentation that outlines options for Penn State undergraduates who want to major or minor in Asian Studies programs and go abroad. Find it here.



Requirements for the minor

The Korean minor requires 18 credits of study. Students must earn a C or better in all courses applied to their minor.

REQUIREMENTS FOR THE MINOR: 18 credits minimum



KOR 002 (4), KOR 003 (4) (Sem: 1-4)


ADDITIONAL COURSES (10 credits minimum)

Select 4 credits from KOR 110 IL (4), KOR 296 (1-18), KOR 299 IL (1-12) (Sem: 1-8)

Select 6 credits from KOR 401 IL (4), KOR 402 IL (4), KOR 422 IL (3), KOR 424 (ASIA 424/CMLIT 424) IL (3), KOR 425 (ASIA 425/CMLIT 425) IL (3), KOR 450 IL (3), KOR 451 IL (3), KOR 452 IL (3), KOR 496 (1-18), KOR 497 (3-9), KOR 498 (1-9), KOR 499 IL (1-12) (Sem: 5-8)


Courses offered on Korean language or content are listed below:

KOR 001         Level One Korean A (4)
KOR 002         Level One Korean B (4)
KOR 003         Level Two Korean A (4)
KOR 110         Level Two Korean B (4)
KOR 120         (IL) Introduction to Korean Culture (3)
KOR 121         (IL) Korean Popular Culture (3)
KOR 296         Independent Studies (1-18)
KOR 299         (IL) Foreign Studies (1-12)
KOR 401         (IL) Level Three Korean A (4)
KOR 402         (IL) Level Three Korean B (4)
KOR 422         (IL) Introduction to Korean Linguistics (3)
KOR 424         (IL) Transnational Korean Literature (3)
KOR 425         (IL) Global Korean Cinema (3)
KOR 450         (IL) Korean Cultures in Global Contexts (3)
KOR 451         (IL) Food and Foodways in Korea (3)
KOR 452         (IL) Korean Language and Culture (3)
KOR 496         Independent Studies (1-18)
KOR 497         Special Topics (3-9)
KOR 498         Special Topics (1-9)
KOR 499         (IL) Foreign Studies (1-12)



Tom Spencer () is the undergraduate adviser for the major and minor in Asian Studies, Chinese and Japanese.  To make an appointment, visit: Select “Appointments” and click the “Advisers” link at the top of the page to view his hours for the week.

Please make an appointment if you need help with:
• your next semester schedule (language pre-majors and majors)
• concurrent major planning (feasibility, courses needed)
• academic difficulty
• Faculty Senate petitions (retroactive withdrawal or registration, etc.)
You may schedule an appointment through the following website:


For other information on the Korean program, please contact Lan Kim: