Asian Studies lecture Series: Paul Barclay (Lafayette College)

Asian Studies lecture Series: Paul Barclay (Lafayette College)

When: Feb 6, 2024 from 4:00 - 5:30
Where: Burrowes 226

The Musha Rebellion was a pivotal moment in the relationship between the indigenous people and the Japanese colonial government. In 1930, after years of oppression, the Seediq people of central Taiwan, led by Mona Rudao, attacked a gathering of Japanese people at a local school, slaughtering over one hundred men, women, and children. The Japanese military responded with overwhelming force, employing tactics including poison gas, artillery, and aerial bombardment to quell the rebellion. This recently published book offers a fresh and engaging perspective on a tragic chapter in Taiwan’s past, and the notes and context provided help readers understand the complexities of the events. Kondo the Barbarian adds to the growing body of literature on imperial Japanese and Taiwanese history, and it underscores the power of personal narratives to illuminate broader historical themes.

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