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हिन्दी में आपका स्वागत है! 환영합니다! ようこそ!  Welcome! 欢迎!

The study of Asia is broad – spanning millennia of culture, art, history, literature, language, and more. The Department of Asian Studies at Penn State opens doors to students seeking to study the richness and diversity of the region. With four majors, four minors, and two emerging programs, students can pick the path that best suits their unique interests and goals.

To study and know Asia, its languages, people, and culture is to learn and deepen one’s understanding of how to be human in the world.  

Statement of Solidarity with Asians and Asian Americans

We, the community of scholars and teachers in Asian Studies at Penn State, condemn and deplore anti-Asian bias and violence. We believe in the importance of cross-cultural understanding and communication to build bridges and become global citizens. Increased knowledge about Asian cultures is a tool for combating misinformation and the hatred that it breeds. We call on the Penn State community to stand in solidarity with Asians and Asian Americans who are being victimized and harassed.