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Asian Studies is Language Culture History Society

The Asian Studies Program offers undergraduate majors and minors in Asian Studies, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean and is building the Asian American Studies and Hindi programs.

Students who take courses in our department learn to think critically, to make literary, political, and historical judgments, to understand the impact of the past on the present, and of present choices on the future. Our language programs offer deep immersion in new cultural contexts, broaden linguistic and social horizons, and engage the changing and globalizing face of the planet. Students who choose our majors and minors prepare themselves for future employment in business, politics, teaching, and scholarship in Asia-related fields.

Asian Studies majors and minors are profoundly interdisciplinary, ranging across the humanities and social sciences; our curriculum includes classes in Applied Linguistics, Art History, Comparative Literature, English, History, International Relations, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, Theater, and more. By drawing on the best of the liberal arts tradition, we prepare our students both to understand the world, and to change it.

See here for an overview of Asian Studies and Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) majors and minors, study abroad, career opportunities, and more!