Susan G. Strauss

Susan G. Strauss

Professor of Applied Linguistics and Asian Studies
Editor, The Korean Language in America Penn State University
300 Sparks
Office Phone: (814) 863-7986
Susan Strauss


My research interests are Discourse Analysis; Language and cognition; subconscious motivation and linguistic choice; demonstratives, tense, aspect; spoken and written discourse and culture; ESL writing pedagogy; developmental composition; school bullying.

The languages spoken and understood are English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, some knowledge of Hebrew, German, and Quechua. I investigate language and cognition and language and culture. Regarding the former, I am interested in discovering the subconscious motivations behind speakers’ choices of linguistic items (e.g., demonstratives in English, tense, and aspect markers) and have done work in this area using both spoken and written discourse in Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, and English. I am also interested in the relationship between language and culture, and in developing new ways of uncovering and analyzing that relationship. I have published a number of articles in these areas and has also co-edited two volumes of Japanese/Korean Linguistics. In the field of ESL, I have taught courses in developmental composition and in ESL writing pedagogy.