Program in Asian American Studies

Program in Asian American Studies

Towards Transnationalism

Penn State faculty are building a future for Asian American Studies (AAS) at Penn State. We conceive of AAS in terms of transnational, Global Asias, and in that spirit, we approach the study of Asian Americans as part of a larger set of diasporic questions involving the movement of people and ideas into, around, and out of Asia.

The future of Asian American Studies at Penn State will be one in which students match their studies of the Asian experience in the United States context with attention to the histories and cultures of diasporic Asians in Asia and around the world.

Faculty Interest in Asian American Studies

  • Suresh Canagarajah (Applied Linguistics)
  • Tina Chen (English)
  • Charlotte Eubanks (Comparative Literature)
  • Eric Hayot (Comparative Literature)
  • Kimberly Powell (Art Education)
  • Christopher Reed (English)
  • Xiaoye You (English)

Asian American Reading Group

Faculty and students interested in Asian American Studies are welcome to join the Asian American Reading Group or check out past and current readings!

Courses on Asian America or the Asian Diaspora

ENG 428: Asian American Literatures (past topics include):

  • AlieNation: Asian American Speculative Fictions
  • Orientations: the Geographies of Asian America
  • Transpacific Solidarities, Asian/American Encounters