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Course Offerings

Cross-Listed Courses

Many courses in Asian Studies, especially at the 400 level, are cross-listed with other departments.

Art History

496 - Special Topics: Colonial Urbanism in Asia
597B - Seminar in Asian Architecture (Fall 2008: A Historiogrpahy of Asian Architecture, Urbanism and Art)

Comparative Literature

404 (Topics in Asian Literature)
448 (Literary Cultures of Buddhism)
522 (Asian Literatures)


475Y - The Making and Emergence of Modern India
480 - Medieval Japan
481 - Modern Japan Since 1800
483 - Chinese Society and Culture to 1800
484Y - History of Chinese Thought
485 - 19th Century China
486 - 20th Century China
580 - Premodern China
581 - Late Imperial and Modern China
582 - Gender in Modern Chinese History
585 - Culture and Society in Late Imperial China
586 - Modern Japan
587 - Modern South Asia
588 - Ethnicity & Borderlands in Late Imperial China

Political Science

458 - Government and Politics of East Asia

In addition to these courses a number of special topics courses are offered in departments under the 497 number, and can be cross-listed with Asian Studies (e.g. a recent course in Religious Studies, "Cosmology, Religion, and Science in Pre-modern China”).

Courses in Asian Studies


The two courses below will form the core of the dual-degree PhD programs once they are approved. They will be added to with other courses, though all this information remains tentative until Fall 2010.

AS 501: Asian Studies: Critical Studies of "Asia" I
AS 502: Asian Studies: Critical Studies of "Asia" II

See "What is the Asian Studies Seminar?"